Totem Quest

Totem Quest 2.2

Totem Quest is a great jigsaw pieces game with a good story on it (See all)

Totem Quest is an adventure game where you will have to search for lost totems with the help of an old mystic woman named Tiko.
At the beginning of the game you meet Tiko, that without having met you, calls you by your name. She also gives you some mystic jigsaw pieces and since you are a jigsaw and puzzle fan, you get instantly interested. She will guide you in a mission in order to recover lost totems.
To be able to find the lost totems you will have to solve a lot of different puzzles by putting together the jigsaw pieces at each different stage. The rules and goals at each stage are different so we recommend you to keep the hints option enabled during the game.
The stages will change from jungle scenarios, to the woods, desert, mountain, etc.. it will all depend on the totem you are searching for.
The first totem you will try to recover for Tiko is the bear, who is the master of dreams and health.
You will have to use your skills, your mind and the mouse, to successfully play this game.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Challenges your mind


  • The kind of puzzles focus only on jigsaw pieces
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